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Here are ten random facts about me:

1 My favorite color is black.

2 My favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.


3 My first pet was a dalmatian named Pebbles.

4 I love English Breakfast tea!

5 I believe crispy food is superior to soft food.

6 On childhood fishing trips, I sneakily saved the cutest worms from their terrible fate. I made them race before setting them free.


7 I enjoy yoga and running.

8 My favorite pizza is topped with mushrooms and olives.

9 I love glitter and sparkles.

10 Our current pets include a goldfish, two lizards, a parakeet, and a smarty-pants cockatiel named Bean.

Diana Murray writes poetry and books for children. Her award-winning poems have appeared in magazines including Spider, Ladybug, Highlights, and High Five, as well as several anthologies. Diana recently moved from the Bronx to a nearby suburb, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a motley crew of pets. She is represented by Brianne Johnson at Writers House literary agency.

More from Diana:

I moved here with my family from Ukraine when I was two years old. I have lived all over New York City from Coney Island to Manhattan and Queens. I spent much of my childhood drawing, dreaming of a backyard, and making up stories. My first job was at a sock store  called “Leg Room”. Using my employee discount, I developed quite an impressive sock collection.


In college, I was especially interested in child psychology and art. After graduating, I spent many years as a graphic designer and art director, most recently working in the fashion industry (at Theory). I did lots of brainstorming for different concepts. This included photographing clothes hanging from trees and street signs, creating design-it-yourself gift wrapping, and laying out look books for every season. I believe my experience with design helps make me a more visual writer.


I discovered a new passion for writing while reading picture books with my first daughter. I became smitten with picture books for their simplicity, humor, philosophical depth and unique interplay of words and pictures. I especially love writing in rhyming verse, which feels like solving a puzzle in the best possible way. Also, nothing beats that special moment of closeness you get when you share a book with a child.

Photo Credit to Jesse Rinka

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