"The scansion is excellent, making the verses both easy to read aloud and easy for pre-readers to eventually memorize. Little ones will giggle at how the tables turn after Doris’ pirate book completely enthralls her brothers."


Download DINO Activity Kit! 

Includes: Dino Maze, Prehistoric Treasure Hunt, Coloring Pages, and Dinosaur Mask.

Doris the Bookasaurus

by Diana Murray

illustrated by Yuyi Chen

Imprint, July 2017

ISBN-10: 1250116767

ISBN-13: 978-1250116765



Hooray for books! They make me ROAR!

Doris the Bookasaurus thinks books are mega-dino-tastic! They make her spiky tail wiggle and her imagination soar.

Her boisterous little brothers, Max and T.J., do not agree. They want her to stop reading and play Chomp the Flag and STEGO Blocks . . . until Doris shares her pirate book aloud. Soon they’re using their imagination for on an epic adventure to Sharktooth bay.

With charming rhyming text about an adorable dinosaur family, Doris and her siblings show rambunctious readers everywhere that reading and playing go perfectly together!

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